Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculator UAE

Domestic workers around the globe are often deprived of their rights, with the main reason being their ignorance. Most people are unaware that domestic workers have almost the same rights as other paid staff, such as paid leaves, medical insurance, and gratuity compensation, including access to tools like the domestic worker gratuity calculator UAE for fair compensation.

Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculator UAE

If you are a domestic worker in the UAE, and your service tenure is about to end, we are here to help you. We will guide you in detail about the gratuity laws for domestic workers in UAE and how to use this user-friendly online calculator to calculate your end-of-service compensation according to your working tenure and basic salary.

How to Use Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculator UAE?

If you don’t know how is gratuity calculated for domestic workers, here is an easy step-by-step guide for you:

Gratuity calculated for domestic workers
  • First, enter the starting date of your service as mentioned on your employment contract
  • Next, enter the end date of the employment contract
  • Then, enter your net salary
  • Now, enter your basic salary
  • Next, select the reason for leaving, like termination, resignation, or any other reason.
  • Also, mention any unpaid allowances during the working tenure.
  • Press calculate and get your expected gratuity amount.

Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculator UAE is super easy to use and gives you results in no time. You won’t need formulas and intense calculations to calculate your gratuity through this calculator.

Guide to Calculating Gratuity Pay of Domestic Workers

Gratuity calculators are ideal for calculating end-of-service compensation. But sometimes employees or employers want to dive deep to understand how is gratuity calculated for domestic workers. Here are some key points you must know before calculating gratuity for domestic workers.

  • Domestic workers are liable to their gratuity only if their service period is one year or more.
  • Moreover, the gratuity of domestic workers is not the same as other paid staff in the UAE.
  • Unpaid leaves will be added to your gratuity as well.
  • Renewal of the contract will resume the calculation of the compensation.

Impact of Employment Contract Types on Gratuity Calculation

The gratuity calculation of domestic workers in the UAE is also based on their contract type.

According to UAE domestic worker law, domestic workers with limited contract type will get the basic salary of 14 days as a gratuity compensation for each year of service.

Domestic workers with unlimited contract types usually get one month’s salary for each service year as their gratuity.

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Formula for Calculating Domestic Worker Gratuity in UAE

If you are on a limited contract, you can calculate your estimated gratuity after completing your service period by this formula.

  • Calculate your per day salary by dividing your basic salary by 30
Formula for Calculating Domestic Worker Gratuity in UAE
  • Now, multiply your per day salary by 14 to get 14 days` salary. It is your per-year compensation.
Formula for Calculating Domestic Worker Gratuity in UAE
  • Multiply your 14 days` salary by the number of years.
Formula for Calculating Domestic Worker Gratuity in UAE
  • Add your unpaid allowances, like unpaid sick leaves, medical allowances, etc., to this amount to get your net gratuity.

Article 26 of UAE Domestic Workers Law

UAE Domestic Workers Law safeguards the rights of domestic helpers like housemaids, nannies, cooks, chauffeurs, private tutors, etc. Article 26 of this law is about gratuity for domestic workers in UAE. This law states that

  • Only those workers will be eligible for gratuity, i.e., end-of-service compensation, whose working tenure is at least one year.
  • Unpaid leaves will be added to gratuity calculations
  • End-of-service compensation will be 14 days of basic salary for each year of service
  • The calculation of the compensation resumes upon renewal of the contract

What if the Domestic Worker Breaches the Contract?

Article 27 of domestic workers law is closely related to this issue. According to this article:

Domestic Worker Breaches the Contract

If the contract terminates due to the worker’s illegal act or if he/she breaches the contract, the domestic worker will be denied end-of-service compensation.

What if Someone Resigns Before the Contract Ends?

According to Article 27 of the Domestic Workers Law,

The domestic staff will be ineligible for end-of-service compensation if he terminates the contract without any due cause or valid reason.

Occupations Covered in Law of Gratuity for Domestic Workers in UAE

Domestic Workers Law UAE covers 19 types of workers appointed for domestic help in different domains. This includes:

  • Housemaid/Servant
  • Sailor
  • Guard
  • Shepherd
  • Jockey
  • Tamer
  • Falcon care-taker
  • Worker
  • Housekeeper
  • Cook
  • Nanny/babysitter
  • Farm worker/grower
  • Gardener
  • Personal trainer/coach
  • Private tutor
  • Home nurse
  • Personal assistant
  • Private agricultural engineer
  • Personal/family driver

Our Domestic worker gratuity calculator UAE covers all of these occupations.

Crucial Factors for Calculating Gratuity

The calculation of gratuity for domestic workers in UAE is based on different factors like:

  • Type of contract, i.e., limited or unlimited
  • Years of service
  • Last drawn salary
  • Basic salary
  • Unpaid leaves and allowances
  • End of service circumstances
  • Absence or presence of illegal conduct
  • Breach of contract

How to Claim Gratuity Pay from Outside the UAE

If you have served as a domestic worker in UAE, and are now back in your hometown, you can still claim your gratuity pay.

  • Your first step is to calculate your gratuity using the UAE gratuity calculator for domestic helpers.
  • Send a request for gratuity pay to your employer
  • Seek professional help if needed
  • Get your gratuity transferred to your salary account in the UAE
  • Send a written request to your bank in UAE to transfer your amount to your local bank


Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculator UAE is a beneficial tool for calculating the gratuity for domestic workers in UAE. But it provides accurate calculations only if all the entered information is correct.Moreover, like any other tool, this UAE gratuity calculator for domestic helpers is bound to make errors. Therefore, calculations through this calculator cannot be used as a reference in any legal procedure.

This is for the assistance of domestic helpers only. For instance, for a housekeeper who doesn’t know how is housemaid gratuity calculated in UAE. We urge you to seek professional help for all legal proceedings.

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